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Aqua Medic presents: plankton light reactor II

Aqua Mecic presents the new plankton light reactor II, a culture device for plankton breeding.

The plankton light reactor II with approx. 5 l filling volume is a simple system for the production of plankton in a natural food chain. In the light reactor II, microalgae are cultivated with light, fertiliser and the and the carbon dioxide content of the air. These can be fed directly to fed directly to many filter-feeding animals or used to breed zooplankton. zooplankton. The integrated 10 W LED lighting provides sufficient light and thus for a good reproduction rate.



If the nutrient level is sufficient nutrient content, the mass of algae can quadruple in 24 hrs. quadruple. The plankton light reactor II is equipped with two connections for the simultaneous supply of air and CO2. The CO2 content can be increased pH-controlled in case of high plankton demand. The lid has a receptacle for a pH probe. However, in the case of normal demand However, an additional CO2 addition is not necessary.
For easy partial sampling of plankton, a tube with dosing clamp and holder is located on the lid of the housing.

Seawater or freshwater algae, phyto- and zooplankton can be cultivated.
For aeration, we recommend our air pump Mistral 100 or larger models.

Technical data:
- Ø approx. 150 mm
- Total height: approx. 560 mm incl. lighting
- Hose connection: 2 x 4/6 mm
- LED lighting approx. 10 W
- incl. hose with dosing clamp

There is also a video for this where Stephan explains the mode of operation to me:

Link manufacturer: Aqua Medic

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