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Press Release: The Essentials+ System from ATI

Essentials+ is a revolutionary supply system. Our experience from more than 40,000 seawater analyses has enabled us to further optimise the formula of the successful Essentials. Essentials+ supplies your aquarium with all quantitative elements (incl. KH, Ca and Mg) and helps to keep them in the optimal concentration range at all times. In addition, Essentials+ already contains all essential trace elements (including iron, iodine, molybdenum, manganese, vanadium and zinc) and ensures their bioavailability in the aquarium.


Clever combined, no need for annoying piecing

With Essentials+ you replace 3 x 10 litres of conventional element supply. All relevant elements are already in the two Essentials+ bottles and no longer have to be weighed out individually as with conventional supply systems. The laboratory-quality concentrate can also be dosed immediately and does not need to be diluted.

Daily consumption

Your reef aquarium is a unique aquatic ecosystem that contains many different organisms. All these organisms are constantly extracting substances from the aquarium water in order to be able to grow.

continuity counts

By supplying your aquarium with Essentials+, you are able to balance the typical consumption of the reef inhabitants according to need and consumption. This ensures that natural water values are continuously maintained, which is the cornerstone of every successful reef aquarium.

Only the best for your riff

The production of our water care products is subject to strict monitoring by our own laboratory. Quality assurance helps us select the purest raw materials and results in top-quality end products. With Essentials+ you get one of the purest products available on the market for the care of reef aquariums.


As a rule, the Essentials+ are consumed equally. In this case, the dosage of Essentials+ #1 and #2 can be adjusted based on the KH consumption. If the calcium level changes over time, on the other hand, the dosage of Essentials+ #2 should be adjusted based on calcium consumption.

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