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Smart control applicable for aquaristics. Brennenstuhl Connect Wifi power strip

(c) Brennenstuhl®Connect Eco-Line WiFi Steckdosenleiste

There are always innovative products that can make life easier for us in the aquarium hobby. One such product is the Brennenstuhl®Connect Eco-Line WiFi power strip.

In this day and age, almost every product has its own control unit. For those who don't have one, such an interesting power strip comes into question. Not only on and off via app control are possible.

The Eco-Line WiFi power strip allows you to conveniently control your devices from anywhere with the brennenstuhl®Connet app, e.g. via smartphone. With the timer function, you can switch your devices on and off automatically based on your daily routine and preferences. Switch the WiFi power strip on and off with a few words using voice commands with Alexa Voice Service from Amazon and Google Assistant. Compatible with any brand of router and does not require a hub. When connecting, make sure to select the 2.4 GHz band. It also impresses with the following features:

2 x 2 separately switchable sockets (ON/OFF)
1 x 2 permanent sockets for devices in continuous operation
Sockets with increased contact protection in a practical 45° arrangement

There is also a small video from the manufacturer:

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